Thursday, March 3, 2011

Trent Fox and the Tenants "Mess Around" EP

(Kind Turkey) You know back when I lived in Woonsocket in the 90s I was actually Rick Fox' tenant when he was on the Celtics. I mention that only because, believe it or not, he only listened to raw, jangly garage rock 45s, mostly vintage stuff, but he was kind of into Rip Off Records and some of that Planet Pimp stuff (though he hated the Mummies; he was kind of a purist about Northwest garage bands and couldn't dstand to hear Wailers covers). Foxy would have definitely dug this youthful, fun, intense Milwaukee band, he probably would've even gone to see them after a game if his team had won (I think he's still banned at the Cactus Club after he started a brawl at a Boris the Sprinkler show after he shot 2-for-16 at the Bradley Center in a Bucks blowout). If there's any rock n roll justice, pretty soon these awesome kids will rock their way to having mansions and marrying Miss America just like my old landlord.

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