Friday, March 11, 2011

Ink Studs: interviews with cartoonists by Robin McConnell (Conundrum Press)

(Conundrum Press) (Guest non-Review by Robert Dayton) For the past few years Robin McConnell has been doing the Ink Studs radio show, taking over from a couple of previous different Robins of different genders.  He’s sought out the best and brightest of the comics form for this CITR University radio show based out of Vancouver (which is also available via podcast at This book collects printed versions of the numerous in-depth interviews that he has done with such cartoonists as Gary Panter, Marc Bell, Jaime Hernandez, Carol Tyler, Rebecca Dart, and others both established and relatively new to the field: some people included may never have been interviewed before. Topics mostly contain biographical elements, working methods, craft, etc. 280 pages, black and white, soft cover. Note: I mention this book as a ‘heads up’ to the reader, not as a review, since I have a vested interest (I co-interviewed Kim Deitch for this book).

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