Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nix Comics Quarterly #1

( This is a genuinely outstanding anthology comic based on old EC's, your favorite records, Duplex Planet Illustrated, too many long nights in bars, and a Kool-Aid drinking membership in the co-cults of old comics and loud rock 'n' roll. Unlike other comics that are influenced by music, this first of al,l does not suck, and second of all, has perfect pitch as far as knowing what icons to tap into (old blues man with the hellhounds on his trail, spooky sunglass-bearing mystery rocker) and exactly where to go with it without becoming trite or obvious. Every one of these stories was a delight, with a twist, a punchline, or  a payoff that made it totally worth it. Though there are a bunch of artists (including Roctober's own King Merinuk) drawing these tales, the author of all of them is Ken Eppstein, and unlike alternative books with single writer/various artists (like Pekar's and Eichorn's stuff) this isn't attempting to be personal, thus suffering from disconnect between artist and writer. These are just just great stories that each benefit from having an ace artist attached. That the production values are so high (full color, plus well-done classic comic book ad parodies) is just another reason you need your Nix fix.

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