Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Fresh & Onlys "play it strange"

(In The Red) On all the singles, cassettes, live shows, youtube clips, etc. that I have previously digested to get my daily doses of vitamins F&O this fine band has taken the standard retro garage vibe and roughed it up, fucked up, weirded it up, and spooked it. That maynot be the case here, as this is definitely their slickest production yet, a completely trash-rock free exercise in exquisite 60s-ism that does not transcend recreationism standards on first listen. However, each subsequent listen does make this sound less like a brilliant San Francisco underground 60s psyche pop band and more like the tortured souls of the ghosts of a brilliant San Francisco underground 60s psyche pop band that will tour this mortal earth until they avenge their deaths. Let's hope that does not happen to soon.

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