Friday, March 4, 2011

The Parties "Coast Garde"

(Rainbow Quartz) You may recall the point in the early 80s where the Stray Cats firmly established that all future Ike-era enthusiasts could choose to to go old school 50s 50s, squeaky clean 70s 50s (the Fonzie route), or tattooed, punked out 80s 50s. With the tsunami-level wave of nuevo-psyche music hitting our ear-coasts these days I think it's time to make it clear that groups have the option to go 60s 60s, 80s 60s or 21st Century 60s. While I don't think I will ever fully endorse the 1980s Midnight Records-era garage rock revival (sorry Vipers dudes, I really did appreciate that Cavestomp Festival thing you did), I am starting to warm to the psyche revival during the paisley 80s (the peighslties?). Hearing this San Francisco band forego its city's glorious Summer of Love-era legacy, and instead let their influence mobile travel down Highway 1 to 80's era L.A. is helping convince me that maybe the Three O' Clock were more on time than I previously thought. Even some of the kinda bogus production and arrangement decisions here (like full on Uptown sax on "Leavin' the Light On") seem kind of bold and awesome in the wake of so much 60s reverence. Partying with the Parties is profoundly pleasant!

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