Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Bootyholes "Dookie Dick"

(www.thebootyholes.com) I thought I might say something bad about this novelty record because it's kind of super unfunny but then I realized that these low-rent, intentionally unsexy dance songs with graphic, metaphor-free descriptions of sex acts ("...did you ever stick/your dick in a chick/pull it out and get dookie dick...a gift from her rectum/straight to your erection...") was kind of awesome in its unfunniness. On the one hand it's sort of like that Kathy McGinty prank phone call CD where the robot sex phone chick tortures would-be masturbators. On the other hand this female-conceived project is culturally relevant because it  makes 2 Live Crew-type stuff sound brilliant in comparison, yet it also shows how idiotic and impotent those guys are for actually thinking they are making sexy music by being coarse and bluntly sexual...this uses the same language in ways that will limpen even the most Viagra-ridden phallus! You can hear the album on the website...check it out...with your date, I'm sure that will work out for you.

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