Monday, March 14, 2011

Tonetta "777 Vol II"

(Black  Tent) I suspect, using some kind of Bizarro-world Bieber philosophy, VOl. 1's tracks were chosen because they had more popular/interesting Youtube clips focussing on the strange, disconcerting, costumed solo sex-dance music videos of the Immoral Mr. T. (obscure Russ Myers reference...look it up). However, the songs on volume II are way better, or worse depending on which side of the sewer you're seeing things from. One aspect that fascinates me about  Tonetta is that he's theoretically homophobic in the sense that when he sings about any of his own gay desire or activity it is so drippingly, repulsively, creepy that it kind of slanders all same-sex scenarios. Of course that would also apply to all Tonetta's hetero, solo, and other sex stuff too...Tonetta triumphantly soils all imaginable carnality with his magnificent weirdness! He actually makes rape sound so bad that you forget it was pretty fucking bad to start with. The other great thing about Tonetta is the minimal music that seems to be out to discover the absolute least amount of distance one must travel from Wesley Willis' play-the-default-keyboard-setting philosophy to actually make songs that are so catchy they bore into your head...and then, of course,  spooge!

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