Thursday, March 3, 2011

The High Dials "Anthems for Doomed Youth"

(Rainbow Quartz) Considering that on this record these Canadian psyche popsters take the mind-expanding country-ish sound of the Byrds and make it grander, more expansive, and downright B-I-G...maybe they should change the name of the band to Big Byrd! Maybe not, too puppet-centric, and these captivating Canucks are nobody's puppets. They are not even the slaves to whatever herbs and hallucinogens fueled this epic, because despite being cloudy and trippy this recording could not be more together, meticulous, and focused.  In fact, my only beef is that sometimes this is so solid and professional I could imagine U2 performing the songs, and bands should strive to never do songs that U2 would do. But that aside, I thank the dials on high that I am the oldest doomed youth to dig these anthems they made for me.

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