Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Sails "A Headful of Stars"

(Rainbow Quartz) I feel like comparing this to the best passages of the Beatles psychedelic stuff or mentioning the Byrds or throwing around all the hyphenated genre appropriate terms (the press release mentioned "psyche-power-jangle-pop") is kinda lazy. And considering how much stuff is coming out in this mold, to imply that this is on par with everything else being released it's also wrong: this mindblowingly perfect-sounding record is certainly not part of a crop of equal contemporaries. That said, this sounds so good that I'm a bit too blown away to digest how actually good or original or important it is. But if the worst thing i can say about a record is that it's so fucking amazing that I'm not sure how good it is...that ain't too shabby.

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