Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Truman Bentley, Jr. newsletter

(3219 Carden Dr. Columbus GA 31907-2143) I gave myself a nice injection of danger and challenge today by reading the latest stack of Bentley's dada/fluxus/riotous rant/megolomania-gasm publications on a crowded bus. The danger was that anytime one unfolds one of these dense, collage-explosion sheets you never know what offensive, absurdist, Satanic, PC-insensitive image or text might catch the eye of the citizens seated around me -- one envelope opened up and cascaded dozens of confetti-sized advertisements for the anti-Obama tabloid The Sovereign just as the bus entered Obama's neighborhood! The challenge involved getting inside the hand-made, tape sealed envelopes which normally require surgical instruments to open. While I would contend that despite Bentley utilizing the kook-aesthetics of single spaced, ultra-dense, maniacal pop-culture obsessed (he must have just reconnected with the 60s show the Avengers recently) diatribe style, I do not consider him any kind of a dangerous, weirdo threat. However, while struggling to open these paper and tape lockboxes I definitely thought, "No way in hell am I using my teeth and putting one of these things in my mouth!" What I also realize about discussing someone who communicates in classic "kook" mode is that despite presenting this stuff to you, dear reader, like there's some universality, with cats like this I really don't know if he sends this to thousands of folks or just to me! All that said, Bentley's writings on world domination, aspiring culthood, Sonny Bono, conspiracy, sensuality, Yoko Ono, space aliens, and sitcoms is OK in my book. But not in my mouth.

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